Monday, July 4, 2011

What’s going on in India???

     U will come across  100’s of blogs similar to this blog and yes I am also the common writer mixing all the stuff together  and still questioning myself as a citizen -as a person still waiting for the rights -as a person who knows when India got freedom but don’t know when I will get freedom.
         I or We the people live in a so called “democratic country” which is actually not true. The definition says the GOVT is for the people, by the people, of the people. Whereas the real definition says “the Govt is “for the corruption, by the underworld gangs  and celebrities, of the politics”.
       We always keep on discussing with the people all around us ->our politics is this, the corruption is that, hum aam janta,yeh ministers ka kya kare,and then end up with the conclusion “chod na yr.. yeh sab toh chalta rehta hai,yeh desh kabhi nai sudhrega”….and the few of us leave the country.
        There is a system called voting everywhere. Vote for PM, CM, MLA, CONGRESS, BJP, SHIV SENA or other politics party. There is a rule a person is eligible to vote after 18yrs of age. The real problem is whom to vote because all the top level ministers personality is at the same level. This is the reason maximum bunch of people don’t vote any1 , 50% people vote because their being forced by the parties who come their home and give them gifts and tell them “hum aapke gali -gali mein pani bhejenge,road banayenge,gutter band karenge….”aage ka bashan u all know wat it is!!!
       What I personally feel is lets not vote on the voting day ,because nothing gonna change and this politics people can handle themselves as they always do it.
        As per the general knowledge and the discussions and news/rumors every department here is corrupted so as to even the Indian defence or army. If so, then why the real military army officers should struggle on the border ??Should sacrifice their life for this pathetic country??? There was a post which said a shooter in the Olympic games gets more than 3lakhor corers but the army person doesn’t Y so??? Doctor is not the health minister of the country how does that work??? Why some Lady minister  using garlands on her birthday and the whole city is having party..??In such city,gareeb ke ghar mein ek baccha paida hua toh koi puchta tak nai waisebhi aise city ke bacchon ka future kya hoga who toh sabko pata hai!!!!

      A recent act by Anna with his Lokpal bill changed India for few days. There is a rumor saying half of the supporters are using Anna just for the sake of public stunt.Lakhs of people supported Anna with their fasting..How this fasting will change corruption?? Corruption in other way means about black money its not about food that people are going on fast with the protest. Lokpal bill will be passed by and agreed by judges and again top level people …What’s the guarantee that this people are not involved in corruption??We agree Anna is anticorruption but others we all know the ans is no.
       What made baba Ramdev to leave his yogasana and join this community .Hey I heard and read that BJP was also there supporting that event. How come a political party BJP supporting anticorruption? Don’t we know that there are ministers of BJP who are corrupted ?? What’s this new trend “2G SCAM” and what’s this “ arrest jail”..Oh common we all know such people have lavish life even in jails and they can be easily released. Look at kasab,The way he is being treated ,the way more  than 50crores of amount being spent on him. Kasab is becoming inspiration for some people and u know y that because if u want to have luxury life then just be a terrorist and when ur in jail that’s where ur in heaven with all luxury lifestyle. The poorest people are not getting proper treatment in India but Kasab and other similar people can get full time medical assistance. At the age of 41,a person is eligible for PM?? Excuse me till the age of 41 was the person learning how to be corrupted and be the gentlemen of our country???
One of the articles written on Rahul Gandhi ofcourse,I don’t need to specify as it is being circulated everywhere  made me laugh, this is what happening and we call Rahul as youth icon oops so many students are travelling in the train then each one of them should get youth award.
                  Why the family relatives being dragged into the politics?? Is there a law or a term in Indian’s  that “Ministers come into existence because of hereditary “,is minister a disease?? If one person is into politics then the whole family wants to rule the country L
             Hum sab majak udatey hai yeh kehkar yaar inn ministers ko toh dimag nai hota fir bhi ban jatey hai ….Hello,yeh mat bhulo ki inhe hi pura dimag hota hai  agar yeh nai hotey  toh swiss bank account chalta hi kaise???

           If any minister is forced to resign from the post 4 times then also he won’t.  Kyunki   inhe dusri khurchi  pasand  nai  ati. Marne tak  khud hi minister  banke, pan khatey  huye ,land ka corruption karna ,mara- mari karna, khoona -khooni karna aare yeh toh inki hobbies hai.
      Terrorist kya word hai yaha toh open terrorism chalta hai….Karta koi aur hai…. jhagda koi aur lagata hai ….marta koi aur hai …party koi aur karta hai…bhashan sirf ek hai “we all provide funds for such families jo train mein mara ,jo bomb blast mein mara,tsunami mein mara ,,,,jo hua so hua kyunki ministers toh lottery wali money deneka promise jo karti hai “just a promise and nothing!!!!!!
      And yes ,the other side of this country’s world need to be reminded about their profession and their profile: the autos, bus conductors, taxis were meant  to help people for transport  & not to high the meters ,not to make the passengers keep on roaming the same circles, not to give the wrong tickets/or sometimes no tickets but take the money. Hospitals where meant to heal the patients, a flat on rent for each person per month costs approx 1,500 to max 2500 whereas a small room in hospitals for a patient can costs from 1000’s to lakhs with improper facilities. Doctors are next to god because they are the only ones save human beings life,,,, arre re nowadays the fact is doctors profession is also a business. Builders are here to make the buildings but all we see the murders, and underworld gangs related news with builders. An IT  so called new era, also has a special recruitment process yea that  with the tag”Recruitment for only candidates with referenced people”. And Y there is so much of tax on everything???
         Boss harassing employees that’s the crap thing.Y cant u be just good with everyone after and all employess are not dogs ,oh sorry dogs are imandari respectable and u boss never give respect to ur employess L
           Media people instead of showing the news are more busy with TRP and competition with other channels and dragging each and every news with crap discussion and debates that gives no solution!!!

           The broad band connections why do u send such a long bill at even those place where the net is not even being used. The net service provides speed so slow when the package is of high speed???If the person don’t know technical stuffs then no problem,cos still there is opening in telecommunication world. Why there mixture of colors toxic materials in the food or juice? Y do u want to kill the innocent customers??? Anyhow ur getting the profit whats the motto of mixing funda???
How come so many people suicide and some with posions? How come posions are available in medical shops and how could some1 dare to sell them ??? How come any boy comes and throw the acid on a girl?? Y do boys or gangs rape girls?? Y always most of the girls and children are d victims?? Y is there a need to supply drugs-leading to smuggling –MONEY???? Can’t u get money through other right kinda work?? OR is it get drugs -eat drugs an easy way to die or kill urself???
        I feel pathetic for 2day’s generation kids and teenagers.they are not enjoying the real fun they should have at their age.. There  are no good cartoons ,no good serials other then serials based on saas bahu and reality shows and censored ones !!!!Kids stay online all time ,no physical exercise,kids are having gf/bf,at d age of 16 they are done with 4-5 gfs/bfs and they knw everything about sex. 2days world children are not carrying the innocent neither the soft  spoken and healthy character.They don’t know what is right and wrong and they don’t even wanna listen to others.Parents ar e busy with earning money and just money.

Its just a list of questions goes on and we all still keep on questioning..Y can’t we change it??? Y can’t we find the solution?? My friend kept on asking me whats gonna be the future of India,he thinks leaving the country is the solution,my other friend says its good to be corrupted cos inside politicians not gonna change,some say  live with generation,some say marnewale marte hai don’t care for dem,toh some other friend says lets live for urself this thing just goes on….What’s ur take???
              Don’t you think its high time WE THE PEOPLE MAKE A NEW REVOLUTION !!!